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14 Apr 2014

costing You

Hard work, compromise, acceptance... none of that is supposed to cost your Self - your heart, your soul, your peace of mind, your life force, your integrity, your personality, your goals, your purpose, your dreams, or your values.

I once believed, as one example, that because relationships take work, because we are to be compassionate, because everyone deserves a chance, because my purpose was to help others, that holding on and trying over and over again, was the right thing to do, never mind the beatings to my authentic Self.

Surrender, humility, compassion, and even service, do not cost who you are.


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10 Apr 2014

instantly falls

the shelfie

Two sentences I never thought I would utter;
Anne Hathaway made me cry.
I was disappointed in Helena Bonham Carter.

The visuals of one of my top 5 favourite books.


instantly, instantly falls
victim of long intrigue,
assuming memory and mortal
mortal fatigue.

Anaphora, Elizabeth Bishop

A chronicle of the tragic love affair between American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.


Now I'm off to bitch the pot.

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8 Apr 2014

restricting abundance

crochet bundle

Why are we so poor at inviting abundance? We're great at restriction - diets, 'everything in moderation', rules, limits, ticking clocks, self-doubts, procrastination...

We stripped our lives of true meaning and thus left empty spaces which we then had to fill with Stuff and Noise and so created a need for restriction to take back some control, and then read books on how to sit and call in abundance, and now we can't move past the self-created reality.

We don't trust ourselves.

If we shift perspective, so that instead of thinking in terms of not allowing, we instead fill and fill and fill and open our hearts wide to welcome in what we truly enjoy. No need to eat less sugar or be online less - make more art, eat more substance rich foods you love, volunteer, use your hands, make sure that true friends take centre stage....

Ironically, all that filling of the authentic, means that we are then also comfortable with empty spaces.

I need to trust in the heart food. The things that satisfy and nourish.

I need to trust myself.

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